The frenzy among buyers has prompted bidding wars at all

What a horrendous time this has been for the Ottawa Senators. An assistant coach dying just before the playoffs. Their general manager suffering from colon cancer. The frenzy among buyers has prompted bidding wars at all levels of the market. At the high end, Soprovich listed two properties in the coveted 2800 block of Bellevue Avenue recently and received multiple offers on both. One of those, listed for $11.5 million, ended up selling for $12.5 million, making it the most expensive piece of real estate sold in the first three months of 2016 in West Vancouver..

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Prune Back The Needless Chit-Chat


It must be tiring being Harry Redknapp. The poor man can’t go anywhere in his 4×4 without being hassled by roadside gangs of television journalists, who stand quietly on the kerb, waiting, with their microphones and cameras and constant access to a 24-hour rolling publicity machine, forcing him to pull up and roll the window down and give meandering 20-minute soliloquies about things he really doesn’t wanna talk about. Only the other week, he popped out to the local Fine Fare for a pint Biggest Prada Outlet In Italy of milk and the paper, and a bunch of flowers to say thank you to the dog, and he ended up live on Sky Sports News, accidentally revealing Demba Ba’s buyout clause during a 156-minute back-and-forth with Jim White. It’s costing him £££££s in petrol, keeping the engine running, if nothing else.

Today, the poor man was halted while he was on the way to the Tottenham Hotspur training ground in order to clear out his offi … hold on… in order to prepare his title-chasing side for their home capitulation to Newcastle at the weekend. “I can’t take my eye off the ball at Tottenham Authentic Prada Outlet Online Uk at the moment because we’re looking to get [Big Cup] football, we’re still in the FA Cup and I owe it to them to continue to keep completely focused on the job I’m doing here,” he said, all in one breath, almost as if he was a trained and highly experienced actor. “It wouldn’t be fair to anybody here if I started to let my thoughts wander elsewhere.”

An honourable sentiment, although he then slightly spoiled the effect in clanking increments, first by wondering aloud whether he could manage both Spurs and England at the same time – “It’s hard enough managing a league club let alone managing your country, it’s two very difficult jobs!” – and then contemplating sodding it and dumping his current employers altogether: “Leaving Spurs wouldn’t be easy. It would be very difficult. I’m happy, but if the opportunity comes, and I get asked, I’ll have to consider it.” Redknapp then brought the interview to an abrupt halt, 37 minutes later.

Redknapp will have to make a decision sooner or later, as most observers agree he’ll be offered the job by the FA soon enough (although the Fiver is keeping a wary eye on West Brom chancer Peter Principle, a 14-1 shot who clearly knows the best way to press flesh and influence important people, if the ludicrously easy ride he gets from chairmen and journalists alike, despite achieving the square root of eff all since winning the pan-Scandinavian Shippams Paste Platter in 1978, is anything to go by).

But if Redknapp does get the nod, he’ll really have to try his best Best Prada Outlet In Milan to prune back the needless chit-chat. He’s only been in the news for a few days running as things stand, yet the Fiver’s already beyond sickness as a result of his omnipresence. The England job would ratchet up his profile even further, and we’re not sure we’re capable of taking any more. He’d do well to follow the example of outgoing England boss Fabio Capello, who turned up on Italian television today to succinctly and enigmatically tell the (presumably) bare-chested presenter that he “wasn’t escaping” England. “I left because there was a misunderstanding,” he said. “It had been going well but there are times in which you decide to leave.” And that was it. So keep them wanting more, Harry, it’s for the best. It’ll ease the traffic tailback problems in the immediate environs of your house, too.


“I mean if it was a fresh banana I would have said thanks and wouldn’t mind eating it. However, singapore it was a rotten, black banana. I don’t even think a monkey would have ate it” – Olympiakos midfielder Colin Kazim Richards makes light of some Authentic Prada Nylon Messenger Bag r@cist abuse meted out to him by rival PAOK fans.


“He has changed the fortunes Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Messenger Bag of every club he has been at” – Sir Alex Ferguson pays homage to ‘Arry Redknapp with the kind of tribute fans of serial administration merchants Portsmouth and relegated-from-the-Premier League-after-27-years Southampton are sure to agree.


“J Costello (yesterday’s Fiver Best Prada Outlet In Florence Letters) came up with a decidedly enduring image of EBJT standing atop a desk at Lancaster Gate, doing his best impression of a misunderstood young man with artistic aspirations a la Dead Poets Society, but I’m not sure how the Chinese Embassy’s Commerce minister would feel about it, seeing as it is he who occupies the building these days. The FA haven’t been in residence there since 2000” – M.Pyrah.

“The FA’s website currently lists just ‘Case Manager (Team)’ and ‘Regional Youth Small Sided Football Development Officer’ as the only positions available within the organization. Strange, but even so, perhaps 1,057 letters of application to this address would be more than welcome at this point in time” – Steve Wingrove.

“Re: Fabio Capello failing to ‘cut the Coleman’s’ (yesterday’s Fiver photo caption). Presuming you were alluding to his inability to cut a particular brand of English mustard, I should point out it’s spelt Colman’s, without an ‘e’. But that’s given me an idea to make spheres of mustard mashed potato and call them Colmanballs” – Aimee.

“Whatever happened to Paul Jurdeczka (Fiver Letters passim ad nauseum)?” – Matt Gould

Send your letters to And if you’ve nothing better to do you can also tweet the Fiver.


Ryan Giggs, 57, has effectively ruled himself out of the running for the England manager’s job by signing a one-year contract extension that will take him into his 22nd season as a Manchester United player.

Former Liverpool defender Markus Babbel has effectively ruled himself out of the running for the England manager’s job after agreeing to become gaffer at Bundesliga side Hoffenheim.

Lewes FC’s home match against Leatherhead has Authentic Prada Messenger Bag For Sale been postponed due to a frozen Dripping Pan, meaning the Ryman Premier League side the Fiver drunkenly invested in by mistake will remain unbeaten in February, following the postponement of last weekend’s match against Wingate & Finchley.

And Sunderland defender Titus Bramble appeared in court today to deny four charges of $exual assault. Judge Peter Fox, the Recorder of Middlesbrough, adjourned the case to be tried on 28 May.


Rival fans wallowing in the financial misfortune of the Pope’s Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Shoes Sale O’Rangers should be careful what they wish for, Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Book Bags says Ewan Murray in his Scottish fitba blawwwwwwwwg.

‘Arry may have left Southwark crown court a free man, but his trial judge’s verdict on the state of football was fairly damning, reflects proper journalism’s David Conn.

If you’d bet £10 on each of James Dart’s Football League Weekender tips this season, you’d be less than the price of two pints of lager down. Or one pint, if you’re drinking in the fancy bar below Fiver Towers.

No doubt inspired by the pleasing scenes of warm gloopiness likely to envelope the pitch and stands of Old Trafford tomorrow afternoon, Scott Murray took up his quill and wrote Ap Lei Chau Prada Factory Outlet the Joy of Six: Sportsmanship.

And if scoring goals in front of the Stretford End is wrong, then Danny Welbeck doesn’t want to be right … or something. Interview: Stuart James.


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