December 2014

  •  Interview with H1b visa Sponsor Organisation.
  •   File for Evaluation Agency.

* Please note certain agency provides expedite services

Ready to Migrate to USA

  • Apply to state Board for License.
  •   Register for Licensing Exam.

January 2015

  • Obtain Authorisation to test from Examination Board.
  • Appear in Exam.
  •  Obtain Visa Screen Certificate.
  •  Sign contract with the employer.

February 2015

  •        Obtain your License from State Board.
  •       Secure all the required documents for filing the H1B visa application.
  •     Contact the company’s HR department for any queries.

March 2015

  • Work with attorney if they require additional documents from you.
  • **Your employer should have the documents by end of first week.
  • Secure information about the City you are migrating.
  • Prepare for the Visa interview at the embassy.

For more information regarding H1b visa laws feel free to contact

Foreign therapist who requires employment and sponsorship for H1b visa please feel free to contact our Human Resources department: or apply on line on