Suspect 2 is described as an African American male

Suspect 2 is described as an African American male, approximately 5’5” and 150 lbs. He is said to be around 25 years old with shorter hair. After the incident, both suspects got into a dark gray four door vehicle and fled the scene, heading west bound on Gilmore Avenue.When asked, police could not confirm if the murder was drug related.

And Cody. Cherished brother of Fay Fitzgerald (David), Betty Bickford (Ron), Carmel Power (William), Sharon O’Brien (Chris Saunders), Nellie O’Brien, Bernadine O’Brien, Bill O’Brien (Sandra Conway), Myles O’Brien and Carl O’Brien (Nancy). He will be fondly remembered by his mother in law Grace “Micky” Lingard and his brothers and sisters in law Janice Lingard Drinkwalter, John Lingard, (Monique), Julia Lingard (Albert Quilty) and Jodi den Hartog (Hank) as well as numerous nieces and nephews.

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