Welcome to the world of MOS Therapy Staffing, where we partner with leading healthcare facilities to fill their vacancies with with exceptionally qualified and talented licensed physical, occupational and speech therapists. MOS Therapy Staffing are committed to deliver cutomized staffing which includes not just filling positions but alos grooming & nuturing talent as per your needs and suitability.We place global skilled healthcare talent in many of USA’s leading healthcare facility. Working with us you can be sure that you’ll be with the best advisor/Recruiter in Industry.

As our client, you will enjoy cost-effective alternatives to staffing, low turn-around time, a pool of licensed, qualified and highly therapist with several years of experience to meet your staffing needs, 24/7 customer service and guaranteed satisfaction. Try our cost-effective staffing solutions today. We guarantee your satisfaction!

We provide solutions in several types of employment relationships

Long-term & Short-term Assignment
Direct Placement
Travel Assignment
Temporary Placement
Permanent Placement

MOS Therapy Staffing Benefits

International trained USA licensed & credentialed Therapist
Low turn around time
Cost Effective recruitment
Immigration at no cost
Temporary to Permanent
Administration Support
Business Growth
Increased Patient Care
More Profits


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MOSTS’s Healthcare Facility IHCPR programs

MOSTS understand the shortage of healthcare professionals in the country and worked towards the solution of creating eligible therapy workforce through hiring internationally trained therapist and assist therapist with required training and certification examinations. IHCP is a solution for the facility facing challenge to fulfill their staffing requirements. IHCP assist Healthcare facilities to overcome all the negatives of hiring and retention of therapist. It also assisted in their way forward for better patient care, satisfaction that led to growth of business.

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We provide a 360* approach to all your staffing needs